Strippers and Lap Dancers – All You Need to Know

Planning on going to a strip club? If you want to have a good time and enjoy the whole night, you need to know the difference between strippers and lap dancers.

Even though many people see these two types of dancers as identical ones, there is an important difference between strippers and lap dancers and every gentleman should know.

When it comes to strippers, the clients are commonly not allowed to be in direct contact with them or touch them, other than placing money in stripper’s G-strings. When a strippers perform on a stage, her intention is to give the clients something beautiful to watch and tease them by slowly taking off her clothes, just like in a burlesque show.

When it comes to lap dancers, they are commonly in direct contact with the clients, dancing in client’s lap in a provocative suggestive way. The length of the lap dance is commonly determined by the length of the song the dancer is dancing to. The client is commonly seated during the lap dancing performance. Still, in a lap dance, as with a stripper, the clients are not allowed to touch.

The main difference between strippers and lap dancers is that the dancer make physical contact with the client they are performing to, but the strippers usually won’t. Keep in mind that in both cases, you as a client are not allowed to touch them. Both strippers and lap dancers usually have bodyguards standing by them ensuring the rule of touching is enforced.

When going to a strip club you should be aware of the law in your jurisdiction. There are strips clubs that require a certain distance between the dancers and the clients. If you want to avoid problems and have a good time at the club, you need to respect the club’s rules.

If you want to organize a private party and invite strippers or lap dancers, you need to clarify the rules before the party and see what they find acceptable in order to avoid future troubles. For example, whether or not the strippers will agree to strip fully naked. Keep in mind that both strippers
and lap dancers are professionals in what they do and they should be treated with respect.