Strip Club Etiquette

Strip Club Etiquette

– Ensuring a Good Time by following the unwritten rules of Strip Club Etiquette.

Planning on visiting a strip club? (Like Sensations?) There are unwritten rules every gentleman should know. Here’s a quick break down of general strip club etiquette that’s good to know before entering any strip club.

Let’s face it

A strip club is not a place for everyone. Men who had decided to have a nice night out should not leave their etiquette and manners at the door. Like any other place there are certain standards of behavior that are expected. Ignoring these standards or rules makes you less of a gentleman and may be enough to get you thrown out of the strip club.

Know the Touching Rules

Some Gentleman’s clubs may have specific rules against any direct contact with the dancers. Usually, the dancers are the ones who can touch you, but not the other way around. If you are not sure of the rule make sure to ask before entering the club and making a wrong move.

Be Careful What You Drink

– You need to keep in mind not to get too drunk. Why? Because if you drink too much alcohol, you’ll probably lose control and end up doing something offensive or inappropriate. People who drink too much have a tendency to forget the most important part of the strip club etiquette – overstepping your boundaries and acting inappropriately. Note: Sensations is a no drug no alcohol zone. BUT – we are full nude and have plenty of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.

Have Plenty of Cash

Without enough cash in a strip club you are going to look like a fool. If you want your night to be unforgettable you need to leave a solid tip to the dancers, so don’t forget to bring plenty of cash. Tip the women for their service well and you will definitely enjoy you evening.

Follow general simple strip club etiquette and you will ensure that your time spent at a gentlemen’s club is memorable and pleasurable for yourself and for the beautiful ladies employed at the club.

If you are looking for a great strip club – Sensations Gentleman’s Club is without a doubt your one-stop destination. Enjoy!